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Cinnamon and blood pressure reduction

Cinnamon has been long known as a useful medicinal herb - well, I suppose more a spice really. Cinamon tea is particularly popular as a herbal tea drink - but can cinnamon lower blood pressure levels?

Recent studies in animals show that a regular dose of cinnamon extract can lower the systolic component of the blood pressure reading - that's the upper number of the two. The study which was done in the USA on rats with high blood pressure showed that a regular dose of cinnamon lowered blood pressure and also had a beneficial effect on insulin production and insulin function.

Faults in the way insulin works in the body is known to be associated with blood pressure problems in both humans and animals.

It's not entirely clear yet what the best way to take cinnamon is if you intend to use it as a help in blood pressure reduction. The research was done using a highly purified extract.

Have you tried cinnamon to lower blood pressure levels?

How did it work for you?

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Natural Remedy For High Blood Pressure

Natural Remedy For High Blood Pressure
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