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A diet for high blood pressure

A diet for high blood pressure ... is there such a thing? Should blood pressure sufferers really spend all their time and effort trying to change their diet and food intake? Surely it's easier just to take medications?

The answer (in my view at least) is both a yes and a no.

Several attempts have been made to publish so called diets for high blood pressure. The best known of these is called the DASH diet and is sponsored and published by the National Institute of Health in the US.

Others have published diet books and cook books on the subject.

In truth, I think it's more important to find your own way with this and to work towards a diet that suits your lifestyle but acts to lower your blood pressure at the same time. I don't really think there is one diet for blood pressure - not one that suits all of us anyway.

You need to follow these key guidelines - and then tailor the rest to suit your own needs:

  • keep salt to a mininum - and try to go one or two days each week with no salt at all if you can
  • reduce meat and increase vegetables
  • aim for low fat and high protein diets
  • try to use your diet choices to lose weight
  • aim for high levels of omega 3 or omega 6 oils (that's fish oil to you and me)
  • increase vitamin C and try to choose foods with high magnesium contents
If you can achieve all of these bullet points then you'll see a big difference in your blood pressure readings in a very short time.


Christopher Aylmer August 1, 2010 at 8:52 AM  

Thanks for setting up your website which is full of interesting comments.
I've been limiting my salt intake since January 4th 2010 to see what the effect on my blood pressure might be. I can report that my blood pressure has steadily gone down since I started the regime. My systolic blood pressure had been creeping upwards in the 140s (and sometimes in the 150s when measured at home). My doctor told me it was borderline for treatment but he would keep it monitored. Not wanting to spend the rest of my life on medications(natural or otherwise), I explored dietary and lifestyle changes. I recorded my sodium intake every day and tried to keep it under 1000mg(WHO recommended target = 2400mg or 6g salt). See my website:

This meant severely restricting any food with added salt like cheese, savoury nuts and snacks, processed meats like ham, bacon, sausages, burgers, restaurant foods, take-away and party foods, shop-bought bread, cakes and pastries and biscuits, olives, canned or smoked fish, prawns, prepared soups, salad dressings, stock cubes etc etc. What was I left with? Well, basically whole foods prepared at home(including salt-free home-made bread and salt-free home-made soft cheese) making for what I would call a pretty healthy diet. Fresh meats, eggs and fish with no added salt are fine to eat(no pre-prepared breadcrumbs or batter on fish...almost certainly high in salt!). I calculated that my intake of sodium from food with no added salt was around 500mg per day. I consume a fair amount of dairy products in the form of milk and home-made yogurt and cheese, which supplies a good proportion of my natural salt intake per day, along with fresh fish. All foods contain a little sodium and certain vegetables like carrots, beets, celery and spinach contain nearly as much sodium as fresh fish, weight for weight. Of course the idea is to reduce sodium intake, not stop it altogether. Sodium is essential for the body, though there is little agreement on the absolute minimum intake required. The body is very efficient at holding onto sodium when required.
My blood pressure has steadily dropped to around 120/80 mark which you can see in graphic form on my website. Not only that, but my weight has also gone down steadily by around 14 pounds, which I put down mainly to being obliged to avoid all processed and junk foods. My intake of things like savoury snacks, cakes, pastries and sweet desserts is now virtually zero which helps. Salt is generally added to things like cakes during baking and there is sodium bicarbonate in the self-rising flour, making for a double dose of sodium. I have been avoiding any excess sugar in my diet for years, but avoiding sweet things like cakes, pastries and puddings takes it a stage further. I run regularly to keep fit but was doing that 6 months before I started the salt restriction diet. It didn't reduce my blood pressure though my resting heart rate has gone down from 75 to around 65. I now completely avoid all foods with added salt apart from very occasional awkward times when invited to friends for a meal or party when there is nothing else to choose! Baked potato with salad is my usual banker if available.
So I am happy that my NASD or "No Added Salt Diet" is working for me and can recommend it to others.

Christopher Aylmer

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