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Schizandra Berry:

OK - this is a question that was posed by a vistor to the site.

Tom asked:

I've heard of Shizandra Berry being used in China and Korea as a treatment for all kinds of conditions - including kidney problems I think. Can it be used for blood pressure treatment too?
I have to say in truth that I'm not familiar with the use of this natural remedy. As far as I know it has no particular track record for blood pressure treatment although it is used as a tonic and liver protecting agent in Chinese traditional medicine. What about you as you read this. Have you used Shizandra Berry extract?

I think it is also sometimes spelt as Schisandra and I've also read of it being used in the form of a herbal tea in Korea. Sorry not to be more helpful Tom. I tend to be more familiar with the natural herbal remedies that already have a good track record for blood pressure treatment.


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