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As a doctor with a long standing interest in blood pressure problems and having contributed to several websites, I know that low blood pressure is often just as big a problem as high BP for many people.

Indeed, sometimes it's worse, because the web is full of helpful advice for dealing with the high number side of the problem, but it can be hard to find good information about hypotension or the symptoms of low blood pressure.

I've been searching for a long time for a natural or herbal supplement for low blood pressure symptoms. I have to be honest and say that I've yet to find one that I'm convinced by. Please - if you have and you can share your experiences with others - leave a comment below and we can start a discussion going.

I see this site as a way to build up a real database of knowledge on all the natural approaches to blood pressure issues - both high and low.

If you can help then please join in .....


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Doctor Gordon Cameron

Doctor Gordon Cameron

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About this site

I'm Doctor Gordon Cameron and for many years I've been interested in natural and herbal blood pressure remedies.

Why ?

Well, for two reasons really: firstly because I'm a family doctor with many thousands of patients who suffer from high blood pressure and, secondly .... because I suffer from high blood pressure myself.

I've created this site to focus on how to choose a herbal blood pressure remedy, or a natural blood pressure treatment.

I'd love it if you would contribute too.

Join in the discussion.
Share your own experiences.
Ask questions.
Leave your comments.

Thanks for visiting.
I hope you find the site useful.

Gordon Cameron - March 2010

Natural Remedy For High Blood Pressure

Natural Remedy For High Blood Pressure
Doctor Cameron says - " I've tried this and it worked for me"

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