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What is considered high blood pressure?

Todays post answers one of the commonest questions that I'm asked in my role as a family doctor.

What is considered high blood pressure? Where do we draw the line between normal and high - or even low blood pressure for that matter.

Well traditionally blood pressure is described by two numbers - called the systolic and the diastolic readings. The numbers are written like this: 135 / 80 (and pronounced one three five over eighty).

The systolic is the upper of the two numbers and is also the highest one. It represents the force that the heart generates as it pumps blood through the system.

The diastolic is the lower of the two numbers and indicates how much pressure is left in the heart as it relaxes for a second before the next pump or squeeze.

High blood pressure is said to be present when the systolic level is higher than 160 or the lower is greater than 90 (or both numbers are higher than 160/90)

Normal blood pressure is a systolic reading less than 140 and a diastolic less than 80.
Readings above 140/80 but less than 160/90 are borderline levels and represent a group of people who are at risk of developing high blood pressure in the future. They need careful and regular monitoring of their blood pressure levels and I always recommend that anyone in this position should buy themselves an automatic blood pressure monitor.


BMD March 24, 2010 at 11:17 AM  

Thanks for that. The question you ask ("What is considered high blood pressure?") is definitely worth addressing. Averages vs individual readings? Lowest readings? Which are the most relevant?

One of my frustrations is the degree to which my own BP readings fluctuate. It can be by as much as 30 points (systolic) within 5 minutes between two readings (I have a decent upper-arm monitor).

And it's much higher at the doctor's (I'm aware of the white coat syndrome, but sometimes the difference seems extreme considering I don't feel anxious. And even this isn't consistent - sometimes its relatively low at the doctors).

I'm on BP medication as my readings were astronomical at one point, but I seem to *average* at around 140/90 now. I'm otherwise fit, slim, healthy, unstressed.

But it seems such an imprecise thing. If it can fluctuate by upto 30 points over 5 minutes (with no apparent change in my internal/external conditions), then I wonder if it's meaningful at all. (Occasionally I get a relatively low reading of around 126/85).

Gordon Cameron March 24, 2010 at 11:38 AM  

Thats a great point and one that I see quite a lot with patients.

The truth is of course that all of our readings do vary significantly over the course of a day - and even sometimes within a short time interval as you describe.

Have you ever had a proper 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure reading done? It might be helpful. One of the advantages is that it gives you a graph of the average readings and also the night time sleeping blood pressure readings.

High day time results can be offset by lovely low ones during sleep. Some of us are unfortunate enough to have readings that stay high even when sleeping and this can lead to real long term issues.

Thanks for sharing. I appreciate it.

Gordon Cameron

Liz March 27, 2010 at 2:49 PM  

I agree with BMD. Also I find that the second reading taken on my home BP monitor is consistently lower than the first - sometimes significantly so. I'm left wondering which is the most accurate? I've read and been told that the first reading should be disregarded but feel a bit uneasy about this. Does the upper-arm band distort the artery after the first reading and should I be removing it for a short while before taking the second one? Or does the effort of rolling up the sleeve and fitting the band push up the reading slightly?

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