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High Blood Pressure | Children And Teenagers

Is your child at risk of high blood pressure problems - either now or in the future?

The evidence grows day by day that being overweight in childhood leads to problems like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease in later life. Even teenagers are now developing these problems and medical professionals are becoming more and more worried with each passing year.

Recent research even shows that too much TV and too many hours of playing video games can lead to problems with blood pressure. Grumpiness, sullen behaviour and even increased levels of aggression have also been linked to video game use and computer addiction problems.

No one knows if it's the sedentary nature of the activity or the nature of the content that causes the problems - but the issue is real enough and very serious.

How to tackle it? Well on paper it's easy isnt it. More exercise, better diet and less time in front of a computer. In practice, with a huffy child or a sullen teenager it's a lot more problematic.

The real solution will be to educate and convince the children themselves but I fear we are still some way off from achieving that.

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Grace Harrison January 25, 2011 at 9:39 PM  

Parents should watch what they feed to their children because it is too young for them to experience such things.

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