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How To Reduce High Blood Pressure

How to reduce high blood pressure?

Good question actually - and it's one I'm asked often. The answer in real terms needs to be tailored carefully to each and every one of us - we are all individuals after all but there are general principles we can use.

There's lots of good information on this site and on other blood pressure sites that I contribute to but I suppose the key message I want to get across is that no one method alone will work for all of us. I also believe that each of us should use a combination of approaches. This site is all about the natural options and natural treatment methods - but most of us will need to think more widely than that if we want to reduce our risk of stroke or heart attack.

First priority is to invest in a blood pressure monitor. This lets you check if your approach is working for you. You really cannot and must not leave this to chance. Once you have a monitor at home you can try one approach and then another - or several in combination - always checking and always knowing that you are going in the right direction. You can read blood pressure monitor reviews here.

Lifestyle changes alone will work for some of us. Lose weight, exercise more, cut down on fat intake, reduce alcohol drinks and most vital - lose the salt from your diet. Check your BP regularly. This might be enough to see your BP readings return to normal.

Natural remedies added to lifestyle change will do the trick for others. Alistrol on the right of this page is a good example. But again - keep checking those readings and use your common sense about it.

Some people will still need prescription medications - even after changing lifestyle and using herbal or natural blood pressure treatment options. Don't be alarmed if this applies to you. It's more important to get your BP numbers right than to worry too much about how you do it.

The main message here is to be flexible - and to do whatever it is that you need to do - and get those blood pressure numbers normal again. Don't get hung up on any one approach more than another.


John Bernard May 27, 2010 at 4:51 AM  

Excellent information. I have been very stressed of late and after having a pasta lunch and a pizza in the evening I had the following day both a headache and higher blood pressure 155/90. To begin I realised I was dehydrated with so much flour in my system, so I drank copious quantities of water. I have also not eaten any products with wheat, had no foods with refined sugar, had very little dairy products and excercised more. The result is that today I feel much better and my blood pressure is down to 118/81. I am amazed and convinced about what you are saying rgegarding the close relationship between diet and high blood pressure. Thank you

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Natural Remedy For High Blood Pressure

Natural Remedy For High Blood Pressure
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