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Symptoms of Low Blood Pressure | Dizzy and Tired

As a doctor with a long standing interest in blood pressure problems and having contributed to several websites, I know that low blood pressure is often just as big a problem as high BP for many people.

Indeed, sometimes it's worse, because the web is full of helpful advice for dealing with the high number side of the problem, but it can be hard to find good information about hypotension or the symptoms of low blood pressure.

I've been searching for a long time for a natural or herbal supplement for low blood pressure symptoms. I have to be honest and say that I've yet to find one that I'm convinced by. Please - if you have and you can share your experiences with others - leave a comment below and we can start a discussion going.

I see this site as a way to build up a real database of knowledge on all the natural approaches to blood pressure issues - both high and low.

If you can help then please join in .....

Causes Of High Blood Pressure | Self Help To Reduce

Whole textbooks and websites have been written devoted to the causes of high blood pressure and it's certainly not my intention to ramble on at great length here about it. But there are some real key issues that we all should be aware of as we strive to get our readings lower and to reduce our risk of stroke or heart attack.

I'm not going to write about kidney function or about the physiology of sodium and potassium. I'm not going to explore the role of the adrenal glands or of enzymes like ACE or ACE II. This is not the place for that.

I am going to lay it on the line however, about the causes of high blood pressure that all of us can modify and alter - starting from now, from today !

Firstly, body weight, exercise, alcohol intake and salt levels in the diet can all make a huge difference to your blood pressure. Taking ten pounds off your weight, doubling your current exercise level, halving your weekly alcohol units and reducing salt will reduce your BP by at least ten points on the scale - and probably a lot more.

Secondly, adding a herbal supplement - this site is full of details and suggestions - will shave a further decent amount off your readings.

Thirdly - being diet conscience and aiming for low fat and fewer calories will also improve things in a big way.

All of that could add up to moving your blood pressure from say 160/100 to a very nice 140/80 without needing any medications from your doctor. Nowadays it's easy to follow your progress using an automatic blood pressure monitor device.

Please think about this.

It could be crucial to your future health !

Side effects of blood pressure medications

One of the main reasons that so many of us turn towards natural blood pressure remedies is that normal or conventional medications bring with them a wide range of unpleasant side effects.

The side effects of blood pressure medications include some or all of the following:

  • joint pains
  • fatigue
  • lethargy
  • cold hands and feet
  • vivid dreams and nightmares
  • rash or itchy skin
  • breathless feelings
  • poor exercise tolerance
  • problems with sex drive or erections in men
  • cough and runny nose or blocked nose
  • dry mouth and headache
  • swollen ankles
Now, that list could go on and on for pages and pages and it's not meant to be all encompassing.

Side effects can be lessened by taking smaller doses of the medication and doctors sometimes achieve this by combining low doses of multiple different drugs. This is the main reason that blood pressure sufferers often end up taking three or four different meds every day. If you are unlucky however, all this does is bring a wider variety of side effects from the wider variety of drugs.

What's your experience of blood pressure drug side effects?

Leave a comment below:

Herbal Supplements For High Blood Pressure

I often think it's a strange use of the term when people talk repeatedly about "herbal supplements for high blood pressure."

Why strange you might ask, well, for several reasons really.

Firstly, not all the effective approaches to reducing your blood pressure in a natural or non drug way are herbal in their origins. Sure, herbs can have a beneficial effect on BP readings and I've discussed that a lot in other posts related to hawthorn berry amongst many others. But herbal treatments are not the be all and end all - they really aren't !

If you plan to use a natural approach to improving health then you need to look at the big picture. Lifestyle, exercise, body weight, salt, diet, stress ...... the list can go on and on. When you can put ticks in all those boxes and have a plan to tackle the issues, that's the time to explore the world of herbal or natural supplements.

Please DO use herbal treatments for blood pressure - they can make a big difference.

Please DONT just use them as an easy way to avoid addressing the real lifestyle issues that are triggering blood pressure in the first place - they wont help and could simply make things worse.

Agree with this view? Think it's nonsense?
Leave a comment below:

How to read high blood pressure machines

If you've invested in a home blood pressure monitor - and if you haven't yet done so then I recommend that you do - you need to learn how to read high blood pressure numbers.

I usually tell people to get in the habit of keeping a paper chart or diary of their readings, although I know that some prefer to use a computer software program or even nowadays an iphone app.

Your monitor will display two numbers on it after the reading.

These will be something like this:   145:78 or 129:72 and so on.

The first number is the systolic blood pressure level. The second is the diastolic. Your readings should be less than 160 and less than 90 for the two numbers respectively. If you are already on blood pressure treatment then you should aim for readings less than 140/80 if you can.

A diet for high blood pressure

A diet for high blood pressure ... is there such a thing? Should blood pressure sufferers really spend all their time and effort trying to change their diet and food intake? Surely it's easier just to take medications?

The answer (in my view at least) is both a yes and a no.

Several attempts have been made to publish so called diets for high blood pressure. The best known of these is called the DASH diet and is sponsored and published by the National Institute of Health in the US.

Others have published diet books and cook books on the subject.

In truth, I think it's more important to find your own way with this and to work towards a diet that suits your lifestyle but acts to lower your blood pressure at the same time. I don't really think there is one diet for blood pressure - not one that suits all of us anyway.

You need to follow these key guidelines - and then tailor the rest to suit your own needs:

  • keep salt to a mininum - and try to go one or two days each week with no salt at all if you can
  • reduce meat and increase vegetables
  • aim for low fat and high protein diets
  • try to use your diet choices to lose weight
  • aim for high levels of omega 3 or omega 6 oils (that's fish oil to you and me)
  • increase vitamin C and try to choose foods with high magnesium contents
If you can achieve all of these bullet points then you'll see a big difference in your blood pressure readings in a very short time.

What is considered high blood pressure?

Todays post answers one of the commonest questions that I'm asked in my role as a family doctor.

What is considered high blood pressure? Where do we draw the line between normal and high - or even low blood pressure for that matter.

Well traditionally blood pressure is described by two numbers - called the systolic and the diastolic readings. The numbers are written like this: 135 / 80 (and pronounced one three five over eighty).

The systolic is the upper of the two numbers and is also the highest one. It represents the force that the heart generates as it pumps blood through the system.

The diastolic is the lower of the two numbers and indicates how much pressure is left in the heart as it relaxes for a second before the next pump or squeeze.

High blood pressure is said to be present when the systolic level is higher than 160 or the lower is greater than 90 (or both numbers are higher than 160/90)

Normal blood pressure is a systolic reading less than 140 and a diastolic less than 80.
Readings above 140/80 but less than 160/90 are borderline levels and represent a group of people who are at risk of developing high blood pressure in the future. They need careful and regular monitoring of their blood pressure levels and I always recommend that anyone in this position should buy themselves an automatic blood pressure monitor.

How to lower blood pressure naturally

My drive to set up this site devoted to herbal blood pressure remedies was triggered by how often patients asked me how to lower blood pressure naturally?

I think many expected the answer in the form of advice about one supplement or one herb or some simple combination. But of course, there's much more to it than that.

I'll hold my hands up here, as a doctor and a blood pressure sufferer myself, I do strongly support the idea of using natural or organic methods to reduce blood pressure. But I see these for most people as an addition to normal medical care - not as an alternative.

Now sure, some people can control their blood pressure very well simply by changing diet, reducing salt, losing weight or by taking some kind of blood pressure supplement .... but for most of us (me included) it doesn't really work like that.

If you are trying to lower blood pressure naturally then you need to think more widely than simply buying a herbal tablet or capsule from an online store.

Start by looking at the exercise you take.
Then move on to check your weight.
Next assess the amount of salt you take in each day.
Then look to reduce stress and learn to relax or meditate.

I could list about another ten in that list and at the end of it I'd put ....

Consider adding a herbal or natural supplement

Now, I'm not being cynical here. I just want to highlight the need to look at the big picture of you and your lifestyle before plunging in to special teas or herbs. These things work - but they work best as part of a package.

Food for thought .......

Agree or disagree with me? Leave a comment below ....

Schizandra Berry | Blood Pressure | Herbal Treatments

Schizandra Berry:

OK - this is a question that was posed by a vistor to the site.

Tom asked:

I've heard of Shizandra Berry being used in China and Korea as a treatment for all kinds of conditions - including kidney problems I think. Can it be used for blood pressure treatment too?
I have to say in truth that I'm not familiar with the use of this natural remedy. As far as I know it has no particular track record for blood pressure treatment although it is used as a tonic and liver protecting agent in Chinese traditional medicine. What about you as you read this. Have you used Shizandra Berry extract?

I think it is also sometimes spelt as Schisandra and I've also read of it being used in the form of a herbal tea in Korea. Sorry not to be more helpful Tom. I tend to be more familiar with the natural herbal remedies that already have a good track record for blood pressure treatment.

Cinnamon and blood pressure reduction

Cinnamon has been long known as a useful medicinal herb - well, I suppose more a spice really. Cinamon tea is particularly popular as a herbal tea drink - but can cinnamon lower blood pressure levels?

Recent studies in animals show that a regular dose of cinnamon extract can lower the systolic component of the blood pressure reading - that's the upper number of the two. The study which was done in the USA on rats with high blood pressure showed that a regular dose of cinnamon lowered blood pressure and also had a beneficial effect on insulin production and insulin function.

Faults in the way insulin works in the body is known to be associated with blood pressure problems in both humans and animals.

It's not entirely clear yet what the best way to take cinnamon is if you intend to use it as a help in blood pressure reduction. The research was done using a highly purified extract.

Have you tried cinnamon to lower blood pressure levels?

How did it work for you?

Leave a comment ...

Ashwagandha Herb Blood Pressure | Ayurvedic Treatment

Ashwagandha herb is a popular blood pressure remedy from the Indian or Ayurvedic school of health.

The herb grows on a shrubby bush and is sometimes known as Winter Cherry or Indian Gingseng.

Indian medicine sees Ashwahandha as a herb that restores balance and normalizes internal workings of the body. It also has some diuretic or water relieving effect and this might be part of the way that Ashwagandha works in the treatment of blood pressure.

Again, as with some other articles here, I'll hold my hand up and admit that I'm not familiar with the use of Winter Cherry for blood pressure treatments.

Have you tried it alone or in combination with other herbal medicines?

Leave a comment if you have and we can build a discussion about it.

Celery and blood pressure

Celery is one of those slightly odd natural treatments.

It can sometimes be thought of as a food - sometimes as a supplement. It all depends if it's taken in it's natural (and of course crunchy) form - or whether herbalists use the seeds, leaves or extracts of the plant.

There's a great article about using celery for health here - with details of how to use a juicer to extract the active celery ingredients.

Used as a juice there does seem to be some evidence that it will help lower blood pressure.

I can't find anything to support using celery extract in capsule format - but if you know different then get in touch by leaving a comment below.

I plan to build this site into a great resource for those who are fed up with the normal side effects of blood pressure medication .... me included, I hasten to add.

It won't always be possible or sensible to stop your prescribed blood pressure medications - but it should be very possible to improve your blood pressure control. Check out the link to Alistrol on the right of the page for more information about how remedies of this sort can be helpful.

Don't forget - please leave a comment about your own experiences.

Valerian Blood Pressure Remedy

OK folks - over to you on this one.

A site visitor used the box on the right of the page to ask if Valerian was an effective blood pressure remedy. I've done a little bit of reading around the topic but to be truthful the answers I found seem inconclusive.

Have you tried Valerian as a Blood Pressure Remedy?

Did it work?

Any side effects?

Please leave a comment below and let us know if Valerian worked to lower your blood pressure ....

Can garlic lower blood pressure readings?

Can garlic lower your blood pressure readings?

The answer, to be honest, seems like a fairly strong .... Yes, it can !

Many herbal remedies for high blood pressure contain extracts of garlic along with other preparations - such as holly leaf, holly berry, daikon seeds, ginseng and other similar products.

All of these have been shown to be active and effective but garlic in particular seems to be pretty powerful in its action. You can read extended details of press reports and research about garlic here - but in summary below, here are the details:

The published studies have been pulled together into a meta analysis - a big overview of all the information. Most studies looked at concentrated garlic preparations. The outcomes were fairly conclusive in showing good reductions in blood pressure levels with the garlic treatments. Most of the research papers compared garlic to a placebo capsule and found a significant difference.

When the scientists looked at the studies of people who were known to have high blood pressure they found that garlic lowered the systolic blood pressure reading by about 8 and the diastolic by about 7.

The higher a persons blood pressure was at the start of the study, the more reduction they got from the garlic.

These results are obviously very encouraging.

Other research looking at Alistrol - details to the right of this page - also show significant blood pressure reductions in most people who use it. Alistrol contains garlic mixed with other active blood pressure herbal preparations.

It's my own view that natural blood pressure remedies often have a lot to offer - but I think they work best alongside other strategies or along side normal blood pressure medications.

Holly Leaf Extract Lowers Blood Pressure Levels

Many herbal blood pressure treatments combine a mixture of compounds.

One that I like is called Alistrol - it has a mixture of different potent herbs - including holly leaf extract which has been shown to lower blood pressure levels in different situations.

Alistrol contains holly leaf extract, Daikon seed extract, premium hawthorn berry and garlic extract. It's been tested in a medical scientific trial and shown to reduce blood pressure levels significantly.

You can find out more about it here.

Hawthorn Berry Benefits

How does hawthorn berry help blood pressure?

Hawthorn - both the berry and the flowers - have been used in health treatments for hundreds of years. The plant was one of the mainstays of old fashioned herbalist treatments - and was used for a number of circulation disorders.

High blood pressure, irregular heart beat and heart failure are all listed as problems which can be treated with hawthorn. This all sounds a bit strange to some modern ears but it only takes a little pause for thought to realize that Digoxin (one of medicines most powerful cardiac remedies) is derived from the foxglove. Maybe it's not such a big leap to use a flowering tree and its berries after all?

Hawthorn or hawthorn berry extract forms part of many available herbal blood pressure treatments - and the success rate is often good. Not good enough to be used as a treatment on it's own perhaps - but certainly a great addition to an overall blood pressure reduction plan

Have you used hawthorn berrry? How did it work for you?

Leave a comment below:

Natural Supplements for Blood Pressure

There are a number of natural supplements that can be taken to help reduce blood pressure levels.

Some of the commonest include garlic extract, lycopenes or tomato skin extract, hawthorn berry and (less often) black cohosh.

As a doctor I'm often asked about how and when people should use natural supplements alongside or instead of blood pressure medications.

For most of those with high BP I see natural remedies as an extra method - not an alternative to normal prescribed medications. Some people will be able to reduce or stop their normal meds if they start using natural supplements - but most won't. Most still need to take what their doctor prescribes - or to address lifestyle issues more carefully.

How have you coped?

Have you used natural supplements to help lower your blood pressure levels?

Leave a comment and start a discussion below:

Prickly Ash Bark for Blood Pressure

Countless herbal treatments have been suggested for high blood pressure.

One of the current favorites is Prickly Ash Bark - sometimes combined in a tincture with yarrow.

I don't have any experience personally of using this - or of even speaking to someone who has tried it. I guess this might reflect the fact that I'm based in the UK when this extract is from plants largely native to the USA.

Have you used prickly ash bark or similar products for the treatment of high blood pressure?

Did it work well for you?

Click below to leave a comment and start a discussion.

Natural Remedies For High Blood Pressure

Natural remedies for high blood pressure come in a number of forms and styles.

They range from modern, carefully produced capsules or tablets, to the old fashioned herbal teas, tinctures and the type of trick that your grandmother might have used or suggested.

It's a bit of a maze out there - or at least it can seem like it some times.

I hope this site will eventually provide something of a route map. I don't have an axe to grind - just a genuine interest in helping the millions of people worldwide who suffer from high blood pressure cope a bit more easily.

Check back often - I'll produce regular updates.

The best natural way to lower blood pressure

What's the best natural way to lower blood pressure?

Is it to reduce salt or fat in the diet?
What about magnesium supplements?
Will using tomato extract help reduce blood pressure levels?

The whole focus of this site is to share our experiences of natural ways to reduce blood pressure - and through that of course to reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke. And also - if possible - to reduce our need to take normal pharmaceutical medications.

Now - lets be up front here. I'm a doctor and a blood pressure sufferer. I'm not going to be unrealistic about things. I see herbal blood pressure remedies or natural treatments as things to be taken alongside normal medications. Yes, for a few of us, we can reduce or stop our prescribed medications - but most of us won't be able to do that.

We should however, be able to reduce our need for prescription medications and generally feel healthier as a result.

Search this site. Browse around. Follow the links .... but more than that, join in and share your own experiences.

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Why ?

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I've created this site to focus on how to choose a herbal blood pressure remedy, or a natural blood pressure treatment.

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Natural Remedy For High Blood Pressure

Natural Remedy For High Blood Pressure
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